Control Valve


STEVI® Pro, our high-performance control valve for professional control – especially in critical operating conditions/applications.

STEVI® Pro is used to control liquid and gaseous media in process engineering and plant construction. The control valve is designed in particular for actuation by electric or pneumatic actuators. As standard, the flow through the valve is against the closing direction of the valve. In special applications, a flow with the closing direction may be required.

Your Advantages

  • Now also available in heat-resistant carbon steel for applications up to +530 °C and with butt weld ends for high pressure applications up to 160 bar
  • Precise due to high control accuracy
  • Optimised flow paths and characteristics
  • Replaceable inner trim available
  • Noise minimisation due to single or multi-stage perforated plug
  • Safety due to the use of a blow-out protected spindle and an optional double-walled bellows
  • Higher stability due to a shaft-guided plug  
  • Flexibility due to a wide range of applications, even in critical applications
STEVI® Pro, series 470, heat resistant steel with butt weld ends
STEVI® Pro, series 470, stainless steel, flanged body
STEVI® Pro, series 470, carbon steel, flanged body
STEVI® Pro, series 470, carbon steel with butt weld ends
STEVI® Pro, series 471, stainless steel, flanged body
STEVI® Pro, series 471, carbon steel with butt weld ends
STEVI® Pro, series 453, feed water control valve with pump spill back and perforated plugs

Product Features STEVI® Pro

Technical Data

StandardsDIN EN; ANSI
Series470; 471; 422; 462
Nominal pressuresPN 16 – PN 160 (DIN EN)
Class 150 – Class 600 (ANSI)
Nominal diametersDN 15 – DN 250 (DIN EN)
1" – 8" (ANSI)
Temperature range–60 °C – +538 °C (DIN EN)
–20 °F – 1000 °F (ANSI)
Body materialsEN-JL1040; EN-JS1049; 10619+N; 1.4408; 1.4581; 1.7357 (DIN EN)
SA216WCB; SA351CF8M; SA217WC6 (ANSI)
Stem sealingPTFE V-ring, EPDM sealing, NBR sealing, PTFE packing, graphite packing, stainless steel bellow
Plug typesParabolic plug metal seated;
parabolic plug with leakage class IV-S1;
parabolic plug with PTFE soft seat;
parabolic plug with stellite;
parabolic plug with pressure reduction;
V-port plug with pressure reduction;
V-port plug;
perforated plug;
perforated plug with pressure reduction (1-, 2- or 3-step)
Connection typesFlanges; butt weld ends
Body types Straight through body; 3-way type body
ActuatorsPneumatic/electric actuators
ApprovalsDVGW; ATEX; SIL

Areas of Use

Markets (excerpt)
  • Industry
  • Energy (e. g. district heating, power plants)
  • Chemicals
  • Oil & Gas
  • Food & Beverages
  • Shipbuilding
Applications (excerpt)
  • Hot water applications
  • Steam applications
  • Pressure control with gases and vapors
  • Refrigerants
  • Cooling brine
  • Energy
  • Thermal oil systems
Flow Media (excerpt)
  • Steam
  • Hydrogen
  • Heat transfer oil
  • Water
  • Oxygen
  • Ammonia


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